Saturday, May 3, 2008

A short day 8

We had breakfast in Orick which seemed to be a Harly centric town; the nicest place in town was the biker bar. A couple of long climbs brought us to Trinidad where we had lunch and did laundry. The temperature has still been so cool that sink laundry clothes do not dry by morning. Lunch was a shared roasted chicken. Beautiful town and a great scenic route towards Eureka. After a few miles we had to ride 101 which is a freeway at this point. We had 15 miles of a great tailwind. No campgrounds around Eureka so ended up at a motel. Not many miles today. Bottle of wine and great sourdough bread, sardines, onion and cheese sandwich in motel room for dinner. Had corn chips and beer as an appetizer.

My cold continues though after a couple of hours riding my lungs clear and my sinuses have pretty much drained. My gloves really needed washing today.

Hugh's wounds are healing well though they are tight in the morning.

Tomorrow should be interesting since we'd like to do 80 but it will be a very hilly day.



Anonymous said...

Didn't realize that there were many more pictures. Make sure you open "Trip Pictures" on the right of the photos to see other cool stuff. Love you...Corliss

Tonya said...

Hey I love your blog..Great pics...I was worried when I didn't see anything for a couple days...Sounds like you guys are having a great time..Hope the weather holds for you the rest of the way...Have a beer and a sardine for me....Love and good luck..Tonya...