Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Day 33 Colorado

I spent the night in a 35 dollar motel. The campground across the street was 20 and it didn't come with air-conditioning.

It was the first morning without Hugh and I could not help but think of him when the waitress brought my breakfast. I was at a truck stop and the plate was mounded with what must have been a 4 egg omelet and a pound of hash browns. I could not finish it, and I would have liked to see Hugh go at it. The odds are that he would have the main course but I'm not sure he could have finished the always ordered extra side of hash browns.

The cross winds were strong, but I sure enjoyed rolling down I 70. Yeah it is a major freeway but with 12 to 15 foot shoulders and light traffic it is easier riding than back roads.

After 30 miles the road turned toward the north and now I had a tailwind. The road was continuous rollers but the miles seemed to fly by. I did stop for more road side flower photos. I regret that I have not been taking pictures of roadside grasses as they are so varied in shape and color. The roadside microclimate is probably due to water runoff from the pavement which makes the first 10 to 20 feet next to the hiway have a different plant community than further out.

I rolled into Grand Junction about 6 and grabbed a motel.



Anonymous said...

Hi Pete -

Love your blog. It is terrific to hear about adventures. You and Hugh are an inspiration - Tom Harrylock and I are busy mapping out our 2019 trip across the country!

Where did you and Hugh get the snazzy long sleeve white button up shirts - perfect cycling attire if you ask me.

Tom and I are going whip up some foodstuffs for you and Hugh, Bill Reeder is in charge of delivery.

I noticed it took you about 2,300 miles to hitch your first ride - that's OK - you have plenty of time to make up for it!

Keep riding and writing -

Bob Farrell

Pete said...

White long sleeve cotton cooler than tech wicking shirt that I left in the Walmart parking lot.

Tonya said...

Hey ya, that picture of you in the rock is great...Hope you have some good rest days..Has the weather been warmer?..How many more mountain ranges do you have to climb?..Rock ON!!!!Love, Tonya....

Anonymous said...

Just fyi, Hugh's shirt is from Value Village, $0.99! -Janet

Anonymous said...

Pappa- everytime I read up on you I am just beaming and so proud of you. Your adventure is amazing and you are doing better then I could have ever imagined. You need to work on the sunscreen issue. Your head inparticular will never look right again if you are not careful. Pizzas are going good. new fav: roasted garlic, freadh garlic, fresh pesto, little mustand and cheese. Bomearilla.
love you lots