Friday, May 30, 2008

Day 34

Today's ride was short on distance but long on wind. It was headwinds all the way all day. There we many gentle rollers which even on the downsides the best I could do was 16 mph because of the wind.

Grand Junction has beautiful red rock cliffs on the west side but after so many days of great rock formations I found the road side prairie dogs more interesting. The guard dogs would stand tall and chirp. And down the road scrambling dogs would dive Into their holes. The down the road guards would stand tall by their holes and pass the alarm down the line. Lots of scrambling and chirping all day.

Only the one picture today. The rockies as seen from just before Montrose. Tomorrow I'll be climbing up to Gunnison somewhere up there.

Not many services on tomorrows climb so I stopped by the mini market for supplies. They didn't have sardines but I thought of Tonya as I reached for a Slim Jim.



Bill Reeder said...

They did not have any Sardines, because Sardines are not food, they are BAIT!

Tomroow Tom Harrylock and I will go for a short Breakfast ride,, have an omlet, and enjoy the great weather we are having.. The Dogs sound great all we have is Bilions and Billions of Rhodies,, red, Pink, Lavendar, everywhere, truely a magical time of year.

BTE, COlman opend last wekk, and there are people double capping and jumping into Lake Washington... I think I can wait on tha one. General comments are that after the first 5 minutes it is not so bad.... sure,, the blodd flow to the extrmities has been shut off and numbness has set in.. Think about it, 5 minutes, same amount of time the Dentist gives you after a shot of Novicaine, before they start drilling.. could this be the same effect.. I think so...

Timothy said...

Dear Pete,

Glad you are climbing on up into those majestic peaks. It won't be long now and you and your amigo Hugh will be back as the dynamic duo cruising across the eastern deserts/plains of Colorado, Kansas and and MO.

The Blue Mesa Reservoir where you're headed looks fantastic. I hope the Headwind Gods are merciful. Looks like 64 miles to Gunnison along some of the most beautiful country in the world.

Hope your journey to Gunnison is full of tailwinds.

The Ute Tribes used to live in Gunnison area--looks like the town itself started as a "cow camp" for the US Indian agency that interned/ imprisoned the natives in the 1870's.

High water there from weather reports -- Crested Butte area got more than it's record 415 inches of snow this past winter.

I imagine you are still seeing some high water along HWY 50. Water is a huge issue there -- with lots of pressure to suck all that reservoir water into the Front Range cities along I 25 running north and south.

Some of the cities are paying farmers to let their fields go fallow so they can use the farmer's "water rights" and making as much money as planting a field.

Hope you find the natural food store on N. Main in Gunnison-- they boast organic eggs, beef and buffalo jerky and smoked Alaska salmon. I am sure they have some tasty sardines tucked away on the shelf just for you.

There are some good restaurants in town and a yummy bakery.



Tonya said...

Hey Pete..Alright Slim Jim's how about beef jerkey and diet pepsi?..Sounds like you guys are right on schedule..Bob wanted to try and send you guys some cookies but maybe I'll just bring em down when I arrive...Keep on riding...See ya in Fla..xoxo..Tonya