Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Day 32

We woke to bright sunshine reflecting off of red cliff walls. The Days ride took us through Capitol reefs National park. It was a downhill run but we were in no hurry so we just coasted and took in the views. I'm running out of superlatives so I'll just go back to basics, wow.

We stopped at the interpretive center to get a better understanding of how all this happened. While there I showed the rangers a picture of a plant in the hopes of getting getting an ID. Two more rangers later and they were stumped. I had seen the plant on only one small hillside during 60 miles of riding.

Down the valley we continued only to be stopped by the state patrol because a commercial was being filmed on the hiway. After 15 minutes they had a 5 minute break to let traffic pass but since we could not get through the 4 mile section fast enough the trooper had us load our bikes into his pickup and he ferried us across.

Soon we were in Hanksville and after lunch Hugh and I split up for a few days. Hugh has friends in Telluride and plans to spend a rest day there. I wanted to spend a day or two with Corlisses sister and family in Gunnison. By going north through Green River I'll gain that extra day or two. Hugh headed south and we will meet up again on Sunday or Monday in Gunnison.



Timothy said...

I just love that photo of you in the hole in the wall!

Great to see you make it out of the snow zone for a bit.

Your respective trips across Colorado to Gunnison bring back fond memories-- that is heavenly country you are biking through.

Hope your cough is gone. I know there is sourdough in Denver -- I bet you can find some for your sardines in southern CO as well.

Shoot me an email with a photo of your plant and I'll have my horticultural expert here look at it.

Have a fine adventure today.

It was T 20 day at the pool.

Robin was alone today-- so I kicked by 100's while she swam. She got 1300 yards in-- strong swimmer!

Weather here is cloudy mornings and burning off in afternoon.

Yum! Had our first bbq w/ spinach feta chicken sausages.


Well-- say hello to SW Colorado for me-- I love Durango area, and the Black Canyon with the Gunnison River switchbacking below-- you are in for a treat.

Best fishes,


Bill Reeder said...

It was a dark and stormy night... Sorry wrong story..

On the Train
A woman woke from an unexpected sleep. She was traveling on an under-ocean train to Australia with her ten-yea-old daughter, and now, a fresh neck ache. A man in a black hat and dark loose suit sat across from them. He looked like an old-world religious man. The daughter sat up on the edge of the seat and stared right at him, bouncing a doll on her lap. Most of these men never left their homes, let alone their countries.

Wrong Story again... So, gon a whole month... has been tough. SO you are taking a 100 ile shortcut.. and a few days alone... when and where do you guys get back together,, was not clear in blog entry...

Also is there a place say a week out, like a warm showers.. place where you both will be.. and if so can you get the address and name for us... there is some interest in.. keeping you guys happy..

You can email it to me or SMS my cell so it does not go out to general public..... you have the numbers

Anonymous said...

A woman awoke from an unexpected sleep. She was lying at the side of a road in tall grass with cycling shoes, very short shorts and a gold belly dancer top. Something had happened because she didn't have her pet racoon. So she got up and stood at the side of the road until a pair of strange two-wheel vehicles one with a boat bow and she smelled Paydays and the sweat of manliness. Before she knew it she was swept away and ... what's that? I have to get back to WORK ... GOddammit... anyway.... the woman was very happy.