Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 6 - North of Ft. Bragg - Tom

Woke up with someone shining a flashlight into tent. I notice that it was raining when I finally poked my head out. I am really appreciating John's tip on a lightweight tent purchase during the off season from "Six Moons Design".

Rode thru Humboldt Redwood State park and up to a small market for a snack then another few miles to a cafe for breakfast around 8AM.

Rode to Liggett and up and over the coastal range to a nice RV beach camp park. Pictures include lunch at the Peg House in Ligget.


James said...

If you want to check out a great winery tomorrow or the next day (sonds like you will be peddling near Santa Rosa) try Bella. http://www.bellawinery.com/

9711 West Dry Creek Road | Healdsburg, CA

John's buddy

wayne methner said...

Hi Pete, Tom and Jon,

If you stop in Ft Bragg--go to North Coast Brewing...REALLY GOOD BEER. (and food)