Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 5 and 6 - such is life

After a 5 hour wait at starbucks we head for our 4 oclock at the bike  shop.A few minutes of searching and we find an inexpensive 36 spoke wheel. It is now 5 o'clock so we grab a quick whopper and decide to keep riding. A couple of hours later we are at the trees of mystery in klamath where we camp under the redwoods.

In the morning we climb into the fog and then descend thru the redwoods into Prairie Creek. Before long we are in Arcada where Tom gets a new crankset installed. From here the plan was to ride to fortuna for the night. Tom really is not happy with the fortuna camp ground. Sleeping under the bright next door best western sign does not bring back fond memories from our last ride through here. A strong tailwind the brings us to fortuna and luckily for tom, john suggests we keep riding to take advantage of the tailwind. On the way to the next town we catch up with Ron from hong kong. He is an exchange student taking a ride down the coast before going back home. We realize he is the one that had arrived at our harris park campground at 11 pm a couple of nights back. We ride and chat for a few miles and then have burgers and fries together in the next town. For a little guy he sure packed in the meal. We part ways and ride up to the avenue of the giants. We're at 105 miles when we pull into the first rv park. Registration has closed for the  day so we just pick a spot close to the showers. That night it rains and we are ready to leave at first light. We leave before registration is open. We ride through the giants in a light rain - it is all good. Soon we are past Garberville and we continue to follow the eel river up to legget. ping is what john hears when a spoke on his new wheel breaks. After making a few spoke ajustments we continue toward the peg house (Sunset rated for best burgers). A mile or so from these burgers - ping another broken rear spoke. John is rightfully getting irritated. After lunch and truing johns wheel I see tom has bought pie - a whole blackberry pie. Couldn't take it with us so we ate it all before beginning the big climb over the coast range on high way one.  Our campground is near the beach. It is cold and windy and we are in our sleeping bags just after sunset. 85 miles and over 7000 feet of climbing.

495 miles total

Keep rolling,

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