Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 33 River dike headwinds

Salami and cheese sandwiches for breakfast. We follow the Maas river northwest toward Nijmegen where some heavy fighting took place during W.W.II. Westerly winds are a battle when the river turns towards the west. 12 MPH is the best we can do into the wind but we do reach a campsite. Being Sunday the stores are closed and we are low on food. We hear of an open restaurant down the road so we set up camp and head out to dinner. We see the prices, finish our beers and leave. We expect to have salami sandwiches with no cheese but John is determined and searches the nearby town and brings back Chinese food. Very good after a 75 mile day, and we have enough leftovers for breakfast.
Note the photo of the bike route map we follow. No road goes directly anywhere one wants to go.
Keep Rolling,

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tharrylock said...

John/Pete -

Just imagine how slow you'd be with a headwind on a upright bike and be thankful you're riding a recumbant.

Looking forward to seeing you bring us back some blue ski weather.