Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 32 giving up on trails

We've been riding dirt trails and pavers for a good part of the trip but the trails this morning were the worst - soft sand and gravel. In Germany since the roads have no shoulder the route follows any farm road or dirt trail. In towns the route is on the sidewalk. Often lucky to ride 12 MPH. The last several days we've been meeting up with Leo at each camp site. We leave an hour or two before him and when we get to camp he has been there for over an hour. He's the one we borrowed a hammer from to fix my rack. He carries front and rear panniers cooking pots and an 8 LB Coleman tent. We'd like to think it's only that WGL but I suspect he's just got strong legs. Toay we fought the gravel for a while in the morning and after I took a spill we opted to navigate on the streets. Nice to ride fast and the drivers are courteous. We roll into Roemond confident that we are still ahead of Leo. A quick stop at a street fair in town and off we go. We are in our first town since leaving Germany where we were not able to find wifi for internet. Dutch McDonalds has free wifi and works with our phones (German and Swiss ones do not work). As we are waiting to cross the street to Mickey D's here comes Leo. We should have followed him, but we sent our emails instead. After that WGL and ended up at the same spot we entered town over an hour ago. John's compass navigation got us finally out of town and to our campsite. Again Leo had his tent set up and had been there over an hour. Beer and sandwiches for dinner.

Again example of our navigation difficulties note the picture of John at a directional sign. Left for Linnich and tetz or right for Linnich and Titz. Sometimes the choices are difficult.

Keep Rolling,

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John said...

HAHA Let me guess, You guys chose Linnich and Titz??