Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 25 France/Germany

Our goal today is Colmar. We are up early and head into town for wifi at Starbucks - hard to spend almost $6 for a regular coffee. A quick morning tour of town and then we follow the Rhine north. In a few miles the bike route takes us to Germany but within minutes crosses the Rhine into France. We ride from one small town to the next. Large fields of corn and wheat greet us as we roll from one town to the next. There are no individual farm houses just small towns every mile or two. We follow the. Bike route and later switch to the country roads. This leads to another are we dead yet road since the traffic increases and the shoulder disappears. We ride the white line for a few miles before reaching Colmar. John has a blowout on this busy stretch and discovers that his rim tape has failed. Electrical tape is a temporary fix and we find a bike shop near our camping site and John buys new rim tape. Thunderheads have been. Building all day in the mountains to the west but we decide to ride the mile or so see the old town of Colmar. Just before we reach town the rain begins. We rush back to camp to cover our gear. After an hour or so the sun comes out and we finally get to see town. Smaller old buildings with much character, narrow cobbled streets and outdoor cafes make this a worthwhile visit. Salad, bread wine and cheese from Aldi makes a late dinner.

Keep Rolling,

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kaija said...

Papa, Aaron and I rode the area outside colmar on bikes too! Oh I loved it there. Miss you. Xoxoxo