Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 24 Bern to Basel

We wake up at dawn at the cleanest most modern campsite we've yet been at. By 7 we are back in downtown Bern using the Starbucks wifi - almost $6 US$ for a grande regular coffee. We head west and soon again are consulting GPS and maps. We debate the proper roads and directions to take. Our first destination is 33km by road we however ride a beautiful bike trail. About half paved and a few hills we need to walk but still worth it scenically. The problem arises when we arrive at the first town. Instead of 20 miles we've gone 48 and averaged 10mph. Basel is starting to look impossible for today so we take the easy way out - train. We get to town around 4 and the Tourist info gives us directions to an out of town camping area. We are studying a map for a second time in 2 miles when a passerby gives us directions but suggests we go to the downtown hostel as it is closer to the charms of the city. She explains it is on her way home and suggests we follow her. We follow through back streets and alleys and arrive at the hostel. While chatting we her she explains that she and her husband are leaving soon to watch the Indianapolis 500. Since it looks like rain we are happy to be at a hostel this evening. Happy that is until they tell us that the hostel cost is $75 each! We roll back toward the campground and with a few map stops get to our $30 campsite.
Keep Rolling,

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