Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 21 Florence to Milan

We spent the morning at the Academia to see Michelangelos David and other works. At 8:30 the line was already long but we were inside with only a half hour wait. Really a goose bump raising piece of sculpture. We walked back to our campsite and debated on whether we should do a quick hop to Rome or head north into Switzerland by train as planned. We opted for north however the quick trip turned into a long train hopping trip to Milan (connections further did not work). No bikes allowed on the high speed trains. We're on the 3 trains, with stops at every town, and a 7 hour trip. Milan is a big town (1.3 million) and we don't expect to find a campground. In the morning we will hop a train into Switzerland and begin our ride down the Rhine. According to Rick Steves it apppears that rooms are in the 100E range but he does mention a one star place that has rooms for 50. We finally find it and I go in to check out the room. Being thrifty I see it and figure it will work. John is outside with the bikes and when he sees the room he just shakes his head. One small bed (we again sleep in our sleeping bags) and one of us has to stand in the hall when the other one turns around in the room.
John wants to see the room before we commit next time.

Keep Rolling,

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kaija said...

Oh papa...I am beyond jealous of your adventure so wish I was there. Except for the biking part and navigation. Maybe I can be your back up van next time. The film festival is going on the cannes that's why it was so busy fyi. Things are good. Boys miss you as do us all. Let me know when to pick you up. Xoxo