Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 20 Pisa and Firenze

Our plan today is to walk the 5 Cinqua Terra towns and get back into town to check out by 10. It is 5 miles total between the first and last town and we planned to take the frequent train back. The trail literally hangs on the cliffs between Riomaggorio to Manarolla but the trail to Cornigula was blocked by construction so we just walked back. We chatted with an English speaking local who reminisced about picking grapes as a child on the extensively terraced steep hillsides. I finally asked which village he lived in. We chuckled when be said he'd retired to Florida. He comes back to visit in the spring and fall each year. We take a quick train trip to Pisa. The tower is more interesting to view than I had expected. Before long we are headed east to Florence. Tough navigation, much traffic, no shoulder and the edge of the road has many uplifts do to the tree lined edges. After many "are we dead" yet moments we roll into a larger town but being monday there is nothing open. We naw on our remaining chuck of cheese and grab a 3 Euro train into Florence. The tourist info outside the train station puts an x on the map where the local camping area just ouside of town is. This within waking distance campground takes us over an hour to find. Oh, but what a sweet location. At the campgroung cafe we have pizza and beer overlooking the city. Later we walk into town and experience a very active street street scene. Lighted cathedrals, musicians and crowed streets and cafes.

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