Sunday, April 11, 2010

Time for another ride

Three more days and we roll again. This time the ride takes Tom Harrylock and I south to Santa Barbara. John West will ride with us for the first 4 days and then work takes him back to Seattle on the train. Our plan is a 17 day ride down the coast. I enjoyed the Oregon and Northern California coast so much in 2008 that I thought it would be nice to ride it again and add the central Big Sur and south section this time. It maps out to just under 1300 miles though when I plotted the course my memory of the hills had faded and I was surprised to see the amount of climbing involved. (click on the images to see larger version)

Yikes, that adds up to 117,138 feet of climbing.
Our return flight tickets have already been purchased so ride we must


Tonio Tello said...

Good luck to you guys! I will following you here.
Tonio Tello

paavo said...

Pops, unless I am doing the math wrong, 117,138 feet isn't very much climbing...22.185 mile or 1.75% of your total trip. By my estimation you are climbing 3,253,008 feet or 616.1 miles, which sounds a lot worse (48.6% of your total ride...). Now that deserves a YIKES!
good luck, have fun... we will miss you.
love Pav