Sunday, June 15, 2008

Day 50

After a nice breakfast with our hosts we left the normal Trans America route to head for Paducah to pick up the underground railroad route to Mobile. We rode south and picked up hiway 60 heading east. This interstate though not as scenic did provided a wide shoulder and more gentle grades. Our destination town of Dexter
Was much anticipated since we had heard that the Hickory log served the best ribs in the Midwest. My arrival was delayed by first a tire blowout. The new tire I mounted on top of Monarch pass 1100 miles ago was worn down to the cords. I put on the spare tire and in less than a mile my front fender bracket failed so I had to remove the front wheel and brake to take off the fender. A few miles further down the road I hit a rock and got a snake bite flat. Hugh and Devin were waiting for me at the Hickory log. A beer and some excellent ribs and I felt much better.


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Bill Reeder said...

Beer and ribs, Pete you are making me hungty... Looks like it is all flat and tail winds from here on out.. ... or at least in my fantsy world.. Do you need a tire sent somewhere , or any other parts? (tubes, sardines, whole gtain bread, onions?)

Went sailing today, 70 sunny nice,, makes great training for Oregon eh?

So if you road you bike onto a river barge, and road off it in Mobile.. would that still be considered biking,, or more of a Huck FInn Tom Sawyer adventure..

Remeber, now that you are in hte south,, Beer is a vegeatacle as far as diet goes!!