Monday, May 26, 2008

Day 30

As usual breakfast is the first thing on our minds upon awakening, though this morning we were up in time for Hugh to do his 8 minute abs and pushups. I chose to do the 3 minute version.

A quick 10 mile ride brought us to the beginning of Red canyon and a separate 5 mile bike path. So nice to ride through the strangely shaped red cliffs without worrying about traffic. And there was a steady stream of traffic headed toward Bryce canyon.

The day was about cliff colors and shapes. It was a continous wild west moment. I kept expecting to see characters from a Zane gray novel appear around every bend.

We spent the night in a campground in Escalante. Pizza and beer for dinner really hit the spot. At 7:30 I put swn my book and tucked my head into the sleeping bag. Again around 1 a few raindrops woke us to scramble for a covering tarp. Not much rain developed and we slept til 6:30 and were at the breakfast restaurant before 7.


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