Saturday, May 24, 2008

Day 29

A bowl of cereal at 7 started our morning. We headed out under cloudy skies anticipating second breakfast in about 20 miles. I started out stiff though encouraged by a quote that Ian remembered when I mentioned last night how I had expected to get past the sore legs and tired feeling. He quoted Greg Lemond when asked if it ever gets easy: "It never gets easier, you just get faster"

We arrived in Parawon for breakfast just after 10. I had the Chili omelet and Hugh had his normal "what is your biggest breakfast?" plus a side of hashbrowns. It comes with hashbrowns is the usual response and Hugh needs to explain that he wants an extra side. Service was slow and we didn't leave until after 11. We needed a few more sardines and more bread before leaving town. After leaving the market I noticed a sign advertizing navaho tacos. It wasn't yet 11:30 but we decided to stop for lunch.

Feeling better, we headed out for our climb for the day. The climb was 10 miles and took 2 hours. Fortunately no snow or rain all day. A quick 10 mile descent and a 10 mile strong headwind brought us to our motel in Panguich. Feeling still hungry after dinner we shared an 1800 calorie bag of Tostitos.



Tonya said...

Hey you guys I haven't been able to see your blog for a couple of days..Hello Utah...I was in Spokane over the weekend and was telling everyone about you guys..They were amazed..Keep on pedaling and eating lots of calories..Jesse and Clark are following you guys closely..Can't wait to see you in Fla...Love, Tonya

Amy said...

Very Funny - You Hobbits - Having second breakfast before you even leave town.
Sounds like your having a good trip -