Thursday, May 15, 2008

Day 19

We got up early and met Tim at 7 to go for a hike up to Nevada falls. Steep trail and great views. 11 miles and 2000 ft of climbing for the day. I rembered a few of the sites along the way, and I'm sorry it took so long to get back here.

Tomorrow we ride again.Weatherman is predicting 101 degrees and 25 mph winds fom the north. Oh joy.

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Timothy said...

Dear Pete and Hugh,

Thanks for the great hike up to Nevada Falls and Vernal Falls-- Mist Trail and all those poor souls going up the shortcut trail. And a fine visit with you and Janet and Siska.

What a treat-- I would never have gotten to Yosemite without you all-- and the spirit of that place, all the waterfalls and wildlife, the flowering dogwoods, the rock climbers, and people from all over the world in one place-- really magical.

Pete -- I have been telling your stuttering salesman joke to everyone-- and have been laughing every day myself. Fun! You took the best pictures on our hike. Thanks.

Sunny and 80's here today (Saturday morning) in Seattle. Going to the University Street Fair later.

Been thinking of you on your climb north and east through Nevada. Hope the road and all those rollers are good to you. You can carry that swim you took in the icy Merced River with you across the Sierras and remember it on your hot days in NV.

FYI: Friday sprint day main set was

2 x

8 x 25 descend
1 x 100 easy
3 x 100 sprint
1 x 100 easy

after a big warm up set.

Lannie and Robin miss you!

best fishes,

T Swimmy C