Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Day 11

We woke up in our guest house at 7 and had breakfast with our hosts. It's nice to meet nice people. A Little before 9 we headed out for a quick visit to the Mendicino botanical garden. I wish we'd had more time as it had a good selection and was very well tended. The succulent garden made me want to try more things outdoors.

A few miles later we were in Mendicino where we stopped at a bakery and had a second breakfast. The riding for the most part was right on the rugged coastline. Clear skies and deep blue waters with haystacks and beautiful views in every direction. And the tailwinds had to be in the 15 to 20 plus range. The first half of the day was mostly one roller after another. 24 of the days rollers required my lowest gear to get over the top. The little ring climbs generally ranged fro 2 to 12 minutes long and were definitly a quad workout. I did have to walk one climb. It had to have been over 12%. When we got to salt creek camp ground another group of 4 riders had done the same ride that day and their bicycle route map claimed that grade was the steepest on the whole west coast. Hugh rode it.



Anonymous said...

Dad, you look thinner and fitter than ever! Maybe it's the pants. :) I can't believe it has only been 11 days. Seems like forever. sure miss you.

Aaron Dalan said...

Good job Hugh on that hill! That's a lot of time in the little ring Pete but the bright side is it will only make you stronger. I am experimenting with making wood fenders for the fixed gear. I've seen them on other bikes and they look pretty cool. Don't worry the fixed will be waiting for your return I just picked up a free bike with horizontal dropouts so I can work on building my own!

Talk to you soon