Monday, May 5, 2008

Day 10 - Fort Bragg

Breakfast at Richardson grove state park was a deja vue moment - bread, salami and cheese. We planned to have a hot breakfast in Leggett which was only 16 miles away. At 7:30 we rolled off anticipating hot coffee and breakfast. The easy ride turned out to be mostly uphill and narrow under construction road with too many trucks. So happy to finally arrive in Leggett to find out the town didn't even have a gas station and only had a small grocery. The good news is that we celebrated cinco de Mayo with microwave burritos. From there started a 4 mile 7% grade on hiway 1 toward the coast. After a long descent and another 2 mile 7% grade we finally arrive at the coast. A beautiful coastline and 20 miles of rollers bring us to Fort Bragg. The rollers were one right after another and were like the 7 bitches on the Penticton ironman course. You zoom down one in the big ring expecting to get over the top of the next roller only to realize you need to use the middle ring and finally the little ring to struggle over the top. And the you do it over and over again for the next 20 miles.

Our warm showers hosts Roy and Mary have provided us with great company, dinner and a very nice guest house for the night.

Tomorrow includes a quick stop at the Mendicino botanical gardens and breakfast some where in town. Then we expect to enjoy 80 more miles of those wonderful rollers before camping for the night.



Anonymous said...

Another day, another few miles done. Almost there. You are doing great. Have fun lookin at the plants.
kisses, Kaija

Bill Reeder said...

Flew over you testerday, landed in burbank, looking forward to waving at you Thursday afternoon about 4, look up then I will wave. I am so glad you switched to salami. Where are the vegetables?

Aaron said...

Looks like you guys are doing great. At least you mixed it up a little bit and ate something other than canned fish. As you saw earlier Kaija, Oli and I went on a ride on Sunday. He did great and Kaija took to the recumbent really well aside from some of those team riders that should be on the road rather than the trail. I rode the fixed gear and have an appreciation for the amount of weight you are hauling around on your bike after pulling Oli. You are both going to be rockstars by the end of this on those bikes. Anyway keep up the good work, looks like fun!

P.S. As for your two questions posted earlier,

1. I enjoy riding because of the great people you generally meet and ride with, for the scenery, joy of being outdoors, the challenge when randoneering and the exercise.

2. I like riding to the right of the line when there is traffic since too many drivers are aggressive towards bicyclists.

The question idea was great you should do that from time to time.