Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Day 4 Corvalis to Florence

Another Interesting day. Highway 36 is a quiet scenic route over the coast range. It seems the weather managed all possible options. A half dozen heavy rain squals then warm sun, hail, and cold winds. After cresting the coast range the up canyon wind forced us to peddle down the hill. No rest for us. Again too much rain to camp.

Lunch today was different. The mini market for supplies was limited. We ended up packing hot dog buns, onions and sardines for lunch fixings.



Bill Reeder said...

Hotdog buns onions and sardines? Even the cars will avoid you! Am about to board flight to Austin for nationals, will let you know how it goes. Do not look on line then I can make up real fast times!

Timothy Colman said...

Great to see you already in Florence!

Love seeing you handsome lads with Tristan.

Todd, Robin and Mad Dog were all laying on mats after swimming 3K IM Tuesday -- in perfect Pete pose-- saying how glad they were to know you were doing it-- and I think you can complete the thought bubble.

Hope the weather breaks.

Thanks for posting these updates.

I am getting into Yosemite Sunday11th-- so will leave the porchlight on at Camp Curry on the 12th.

Well-- ok-- I will look for you all.

Have a good adventure today.

love all around,

T Swimmy C

Anonymous said...

Hello from the Rehms. We're checking in on you every day. Your blog is great! Sorry the trip has been so difficult. We're rooting for you.
Rich, Dottsie, Doug, and Carolyn

Anonymous said...

Hey Dad... have all my friends keepng track of you guys... be safe, stay warm and have fun! We all miss you!
Love Pav, Tara & Finn....