Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I guess we are ready to roll - we leave tomorrow morning.

Tom's email from yesterday describes our plan:

Pete, John –

I just mapped our route – our route takes us 1020 miles to Santa Barbara – If we allow an extra 10 miles/day for errands, backtracking to camp sites, restaurants and/or site seeing along the way – then we’ll put in another 150 miles of riding on top of that.  Therefore, 1170 miles in 15 days = 78 miles/day.  Also, we should probably figure that we want to have a few days that are only 30-60 miles or so due to inclement weather or extra site seeing.  That means on good days we’ll want to try to do better than the average.  That’s basically what Pete and I did last time.  We saw “the beast” on many an occasion that trip.
With luck there will be tailwinds, sunny weather and campgrounds available for each night.

John and I are both riding Bacchetta recumbents  His is a carbon 2.0 with 700 cm wheels and mine is a Titanium updated with 26" wheels. Tom rides an upright bike. Racks and fenders for all of us. Tom and I both use a rack mounted coroplast box for our gear while John prefers to use panniers - they are heavier and not as aero but he chides Tom and I for riding with "toilet tanks" on the back of our bikes. 

My equipment weights for the trip are as follows:

Sleeping bag, bivi sack, tarp and air mattress    -7.9 lbs
Clothes: 2 long slv and 2 short slv wool shirts,
    2 pair wool long johns, 2 wool and 2 light 
    weight socks, 3 pair underwear and 1 pair
    of shorts, 1 light jacket, and one vest. light, 
    and mid weight gloves, one pair crocs          -3.9 lbs
Tools, spare tire and 2 tubes, pump                   -2.7 lbs
camera, charger, cell phone, extra battery        -1.2 lbs
soap, towel, sunscreen, emergency meds          -1.3 lbs
                                                                          17.0 lbs total

Keep Rolling,

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