Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 7 and 8 - Northern california coast

After a cold camp I am ready for breakfast in fort bragg. John and tom chose dennys (it must be the picture menu they like) while I go to a highly rated local cafe three blocks down. I of course get razzed 2 days latter when dennys is the best choice eary in petaluma. Their coffee is still undrinkable.
Tailwinds push us 73 miles to gualala.

Breakfast is burritos and pastry at the supermarket cafe. Tailwinds, high cliff hugging roads, and many short climbs make for a good day of riding. After Bodega bay we opt for our Petaluma route option into San Francisco. A total of 86 miles gets us to Petaluma koa for the night.

634 miles total
Keep rolling,

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