Sunday, May 19, 2013

Day 4 - "the best laid plans ...."

Dawn is just breaking and I hear john starting to pack. It clear and crisp and we quickly finish packing and and in unison both of us are starting to smile. Tom is still unmoving in his tent. We roll our bikes out of camp planning on heading to mickey d's for bfast since they will be the only place open at 6. We had planned this the night before. I decide it will be more fun to see toms face when he realizes we are packed and gone. Lately tom has been very proud of his quick morning transitions. This should speed him up even more. I did manage to catch  a photo of his face at the moment of empty camp realization.

After about a 1000 calories of sausage burritos we head out into a changed weather pattern. Clear and sunny with an amazing tail wind. We have visions of getting blown up and over our two big climbs. About 15 miles later I stop to check what is causing a strange creaking sound and find a broken front spoke. Luckily I have a spare and make the repair. Off we roll and about 5 minutes  we hear an expletive from john. Another broken rear spoke.  While john gets the broken spoke out of the way tom glances at his crank and notices a crack. Now we have two bikes that need to limp to  Crescent city in search of a bike shop open on Sunday. Somehow tom locates a shop owner that that recently went out of business and has parts available to sell. We are in starbucks at 11 waiting until 4 when he will be home.

Hoping to be rolling soon,


Timothy said...

Ouch. So glad your sign of is still "Keep rolling" Hope you get some sleep.

Looks like if you can get your bikes to start acting like the weather you will have a fine trip.


Paul Ikeda said...

Holly Cow... how many miles does Tom have on that crank shaft???