Saturday, May 18, 2013

Day 3

Light drizzle, headwinds, and more climbing than I was ready for make the day a challenge. The amazing coastal views make it all worth while. John breaks a rear spoke about 15 miles out of Bandon so Tom and roll easy while John goes ahead to a bike shop. Later while waiting for repairs we do laundry. Chinese for dinner and then to Harris state park for the night. Tomorrow should be even more interesting as the weather's going to warm up and we have a lot more climbing to do before reaching Prairie Creek Park in the redwoods.

Before we left Tim from good nature publishing gave us these log books. Bike is pictured but he also does read, write, and dig. Good gift - thanks Tim.

Keep rolling,

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Looks beautiful where you are on the coast. Thanks for your photos and for the pic of my bike notebook. Fun to see it on a picnic table.

Hey -- saw this story in PI saying two fires north of LA still going