Saturday, May 18, 2013

Day 2

I open my eyes at about five thirty in the morning and see tom sitting on the picnic bench watching me with a smile. I look over to his tent and I see it is gone. He is packed and ready to go. I look back at him and his smile is even wider.

There's a light fog with a few openings of blue this morning. The doves are still cooing when we depart camp at around 6. We follow the umpqua river west and before long we come across herd of elk grazing in a large meadow. John gets us a rest stop with a flat tire. Before long we are in reedsport and john discovers a bakery and we get another rest stop. 1 mile further down the road we stop at safeway for breakfast. One 5 dollar giant sub feed all three of us. Just before coos bay I flat.  A couple of good coastal climbs brings us to bandon where john finds a fudge shop. 15 miles and we are in Langlois for market deli dinner. 3 more mile and koa it is for the night.

90miles/162 total 163 total dollars for 2 days.

Keep rolling,

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Paul Ikeda said...

Sound like biking for food :-)
It is sounding like a great ride!
Have fun.