Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day 12 - Tom -San Simeon

The day started with blue sky and 1000' climb up out of Big Sur.
A stop at a small market and a pastry, bean/cheese burrito, and coffee seems like the right amount to carry me for the next 30 miles of coast. John seems to think a couple of bananas and a donut are enough. Maybe he figures he'll find something even though there are no services for 30 miles.

I lag the group again. I figure everyone is ahead when John pops up behind me. "How did that happen?", I ask. John says he stopped to take some pictures at one of the lookouts and met a nice couple that offered him a apricot. A few miles later we run into Aaron who John chatted up as we were climbing a hill. Aaron had a Coleman stove and seemed to be making some sort of breakfast there by the side of the road. "Would you like a steak?",Aaron asked John. Both of us stopped our climb, pulled over, and each ate 1/2 of the offered London Broil. He also gave John a snickers bar, each of us a golden delicious apple, and a CD of his music, to send us on our way.

Well that seemed to carry me right through the 70 miles and 7000' of the Big Sur coast....but about 5 miles out of town John mentioned he was getting his lightheaded feeling and needed to eat soon. I guess that burrito beats apricot, as I felt fine.

We arrive in town and have a sit down meal around 3PM. All three of us just about fell asleep there at the booth. We rouse ourselves and make a early camp. We have a 6PM snack and Pete's off to bed by 7PM.

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Paul Ikeda said...

You guys are doing GREAT!