Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 27 Baden Baden

Our lakeside campsite birds awaken us with the sun. A 7 am early start and a casual pace takes us to Baden Baden before noon. The spa seems comercial though the massage package did sound nice. Our next stop in Karlsruhe revealed no special features except maybe the old speed limit sign for tanks. We stop here for a pizza dinner though it turns out the donner calzone might have been the house specialty. Being Sunday the TI's are closed and wifi at mickey d's didn't work so we do not have a campsite goal. We roll north hoping to find some place but no luck until we find a nature perserve lake. It is 9:30 and almost dark now. We are in a realy nice Biergarden on our second beers waiting for full dark so we can go back to the lake and quick night swim to wash up and sleep in the bushes.

Keep Rolling,

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tharrylock said...

Now that's camping!