Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 17 Cannes

Last night John noticed my rear wheel was wobbly and at camp we noticed 4 spokes pulling out of the rim. We decided to look for a bike shop for a replacement wheel in the morning. We sleep in on day 17 and at 9 head back to Saint Rapael and we do find a bike shop. 75 Euro was a very reasonable price for a new wheel and we are again ready to roll but John sees a street market and needs a pastry fix. I see a merchant selling paella and even though we had just finished our first breakfast I can't help myself and order a nice portion. At 1 we finally are on our way to Cannes. The homes hang on the hillsides overlooking clear blue green waters. The road is narrow but the traffic is light. The up and down beautiful coastline is a tough ride for me as the paella sits very heavy. We soon arrive in Cannes and there is a party going on. The streets and sidewalks are crowded It is film festival week. Paparazzi and film signs are everywhere. The people watching is fun and it would have been fun to hang out but it is beyond our budget and we were as ripe as the cheese we had to throw out a few days ago. We finally made it out of town and our narrow highway was packed with speeding cars. At some point I hear John shout "are we dead yet". After yesterdays road excitement when john shouted the same thing I hardly noticed today's craziness. Yesterday our quiet 2 lane road coming into Aix en Provence became a virtual freeway and at one point we were doing 40 mph downhill and we see 2 lanes packed with traffic merging in from our right. Very exciting.

Keep Rolling,


Bill Reeder said...

I head out today to rescue you from the hotties in Cannes. Flight 232 land Sunday, then Heathro... I am truly impressed no herring and onion stories so far

Bill Reeder said...

Cannes looks like rough place :)