Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 1 - Amsterdam

We are finally on our way. There was no problem with our double bike pack in a single box. It was ieven stranger when the agent without even weighing the box said it would be $175. John and I just looked at each other wondering -we had both studied the baggage files and bikes are $200. We depart Seattle at 2:30 PM with a 9 am arrival. Sleep never happens. 3 movies and 5 walks around the isles latter we arrive. A couple of hours later the bikes are assembled and and our navigational problems first become noticeable.
We spend way too much time finding the campground which is adjacent to the airport.
After checking maps maybe a dozen times we get to this beautiful wooded camping area in a very large park. They tell us that without tents we can not stay. Only gypsies sleep outside without tents! We decide to ride into Amsterdam before deciding what to do. We figure we can come back to the park after dark and find some bushes to sleep under. The sun is out the streets are jammed with bikes and people. A local in the red light district gave us directions to another campsite. We get a brownie to go and head for the camp. After more navigational stops we find the camp area and get set up. We eat desert first and head for the nice campsite pub for dinner and beer. Later sleep comes quickly. Around midnight it's raining and John moves to a sheltered area and I stay to test my bivy sacks waterproofing. Rooster crowing wakes me up at dawn and I pack wet gear away - my sleeping bag is mostly dry. Johns shelter leaked so he too is damp.
Keep Rolling,

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