Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fwd: Day 13 Carmel - Tom - A Day of Hospitality

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Subject: Day 13 Carmel - Tom - A Day of Hospitality
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Up and going by 8 AM. Reuben takes us for a ride thru thru the local waterfront suburbs going South towards our days destination around Monterey Bay and into Carmel where we have been told we have a package waiting for us at the post office. Once again we find ourselves short of 30 miles by noon. About 4 miles North of the town of Marina we are routed off the HWY and onto a paved bike path, A few miles later we meet up with our next, unexpected, and very hospitable tour guide, Larry. With Larry's proding we decide on taking the longer, scenic route to Carmel via the bike trail and the famously expensive and beautiful, 17 mile drive thru Pebbles Beach. Larry patiently stays with us to his turn at Pacific Grove (about 15 miles all together). Along the route we see a couple of paragliders practicing in the bluffs above the Bay and next to the bike path, we see the wharf district,And of course the Bay with all kinds of blooming plants.
We arrive in Carmel and pick up our care package a few minutes before closing, 5PM. Cookies aRe in the care package

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