Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 9 Tom near Leggett, CA

Musings - a slower pace allows one to ponder things going by. We followed the Eel River up along it's South Fork from where we broke camp near its mouth in Fortuna. Much of the day was spent in the "Avenue of the Giants". I know I've driven thru here before, but everything seems different on a bike, it gives you time to ponder the age and beauty of these trees. It was a majestic. The day ultimately brings us to the upper portion of what had been a large mighty river miles back and now is diminishing to a large stream. Day 10 will take us over a pass and away from the river. I will miss the rive and experiences along it.

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Timothy said...

Here is a poem for you Tommy:

I was thinking you'd enjoy this having biked through the big trees, and being such a poet.

"Seeing in silence:
never the same twice..."

Here is the whole poem to READ OUT LOUD

What Have I Learned

by Gary Snyder

What have I learned but
the proper use for several tools?

The moments
between hard pleasant tasks

To sit silent, drink wine,
and think my own kind
of dry crusty thoughts.

—the first Calochortus flowers
and in all the land,
it's spring.
I point them out:
the yellow petals, the golden hairs,
to Gen.

Seeing in silence:
never the same twice,
but when you get it right,

you pass it on.

"What Have I Learned" by Gary Snyder from Axe Handles. © Shoemaker Hoard, 1983.