Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 16 - Lompoc, CA - Tom

This morning after breakfast we immediately run into a organized group of bikers. We find out through conversations with them that they are doing a 7 day ride from Pacific Beach to Solvang. They had ridden the Big Sur stretch the day before yesterday in the rain and were not able to see much. What a tragedy. I will never forget riding along the Big Sur to San Simeon stretch when all of a sudden by a shear cliff a flock of 20-30 pelicans rises elegantly above the edge of the cliff no more than a few feet from us.
Anyway, today's ride was fast at times and nerve wracking due in part to the strong winds; but also due to reaching urban centers where there wasn't a good alternative bike route (at least not one we were aware of).
One short ride tomorrow and we reach our goal, Santa Barbara.

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