Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 14 pete - short, wet, and windy

A rotisserie chicken. 2 pounds of grapes and two pounds of strawberries along with a half gallon of ice cream and many of Bobs cookies had filled us up so this morning we finish the salads we intended to eat last night. A quick stop at Safeway for coffee and a sandwich and we rode off into a strong headwind and rain. Our planned destination is big sur - 26 miles south. A rest day.

Only two noticeable climbs and some rollers. It was the wind that made the trip memorable. 25 mph head winds which reflected off the cliff sides had us guessing which way to lean.

We stop at he first restaurant for a coffee warm-up. Yikes 7.50 for two cups - gotcha. We stop at a campground - 88 for an unheated tent and two cots - ouch. We put on our sad wet faces and get a 150 motel room for 115. Had to do it - the map shows almost nothing for the next 74 miles. Bread, herring and cookies for lunch and prob. dinner.

Day 14/26 miles/1037total

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