Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day 13 Whitebird Hill

Our plan was to have breakfast at hoots and ride the old road up whitebird hill. Well we took the old road and passed 200 _ 300 feet below hoots and the new highway so no breakfast. Hill is misnomer for whitebird since it was about 12 miles at 6 plus percent. 

15 switchbacks and 3000 ft higher we reached the top and rolled down to grangeville were we finally had had Sunday breakfast. A long downhill took us to Kooskia and up the middlefork of the Clearwater river. Clearwater it is and as beautiful a river as I've ever followed. 23 miles later we arrived at Lowell were we had great huckleberry milkshakes and stopped for dinner supplies before rolling in to our closeby campsite on the river. A nice 82 mile day.

The view of the river from on my sleeping bag was extra nice.

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