Thursday, July 2, 2009

The first 7 days

I thought I'd be able to update daily but it has been a crazy 7 days. First day to Lewis and Clark campground was 10 hours and 23 minutes and with our 10:15 start it was getting dark when we arrived. The day went well except for Hugh's Centralia jinx. No crash this year but he did trash his rear wheel. While rolling through Centralia the wheel was wobbling and we stopped to true it we noticed that a spoke was pulling out through the rim just like the photo of my wheel from an earlier blog. We trued the wheel and called Corliss and Janet for a rear wheel delivery.

The second day was even crazier, 15.5 hours along I5 frontage roads to Portland. After one of the longest straight up walks I've done in a long time. I rolled into woodlawn just as Wayne were putting the cassette onto the new wheel that Corliss had delivered. Navigating a detoured bike route through Portland took what seemed forever. We found a city park on the Clackamus river were we bathed and camped. We Finished dinner at 11:15.

The third day we took the elevator in Oregon City and followed 99 south. 10.5 hours took us part way over the cascades toward Santiam pass. We bathed in the river at the whispering falls campground and got chastized for doing it in the buff by a fisherman.

The fourth day was just over 9 hours to Sunriver. I thought with a couple of days off I would be able to catch up with the blog but with the demands of 4 four grandkids it just was not possible. We did get to watch Corliss and her team mates win their division for the Northwest region. The team will be heading to nationals in palm springs in October as one of 16 teams from around the country. Hugh finished the Sun River half ironman in just under 6:30. He looked fresh at the finish but he did go to bed early that night.

Today we started rolling again. First breakfast in Sunriver and second in Bend. Hugh headed North and Wayne and I went East along Hiway 26. We stopped for a brief visit with an old fried of Waynes who lives just East of Prineville. A few miles further down the road we stopped to camp at Ochoco reservoir. Dinner was a loaf of French bread with hummus, avocado, onion, tomato and of course herring.

With luck tomorrow should take us the 110 miles to John Day.

483 miles

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Anonymous said...

It finally cooled off a bit this morning. I'm watching Jenni's kids today and just found out I have Liam this Thurs. PM - Sunday evening! The twins are going to O-town and Jen/Erin are off to E. Wash. for a concert/camping. Hope all is well and not too hot. xoxo cork