Saturday, June 28, 2008

Day 64

Long day, one hundred
Rolled early, Mickey Ds at 5
Ready to be done.



Motivator said...

Quote I thought of today:
"My past has brought me brilliantly to here."
--Holly Near

Bill Reeder said...

Last day dude... enjoy your dip in the atlantic tomorrw.

Nice ride today with Tom, Went MLK from begining to Boeing access rode then down to Normandy Park, west side of SEATAC.. to Tom's folks house, hten came back up skirting west Seattle, the waterfront, Ballard bridage and home.. Only only bee sting so, not a bad ride. MLK is great ride Seattle transit has done wonders with the road and hte train.. makes for relatively flat and nice place to ride.. at least early Saturday with no traffic. Was just over 50 miles and was hot here.. about 82... But it was a nice Hot :) bwa ha ha


Anonymous said...

Pete, Hugh -

Judging from Pete's comments, there is no doubt that at least one of you is ready to be done with this great journey.

Congratulations on completing the journey. What a trip it has been. I have enjoyed following the blogs.

Tomorrow will be the last day. I remember my last day on my cross country trip - some twenty seven years ago - like is was yesterday. The realization that I had traveled so far, and that the journey I had started two months earlier was coming to a close. A feeling of accomplishment, mixed with that of sadness and loss as my friend - the journey - was about to end. I look forward to hearing about your last day.

Again, congratulations. Looking forward to seeing both of you on your return.

Bob Farrell