Saturday, June 7, 2008

Day 43

It was a nice rest area we camped at except for one thing. We went to sleep and the mosquitos did not. How they managed to fly in 10 to 20 mph winds is a mystery. It was a warm night and we had to hide deep in our sleeping bags. It would get too hot and any attempt to get cool air would invite the blood suckers. The weather forcast was calling for winds 25 to 35 from the south. We headed out before sunrise in the hopes of missing the worst of the winds. The 13 miles to the next town for breakfast ended up at a small minimart with a choice of beef or bean microwave burritos. Yum.

From there the winds fought us all the way to Great Bend where we hoped to spend the night. No rooms were available so we had to head south directly into the wind for 9 miles. After
checking in we went for a swim in the community pool and then out to dinner


Anonymous said...

Hi Honey...So good to talk to you on the phone. Very wet out here, but the water bill is low. I got the stove working. The yard looks beautious. I don't think I have killed too many plants. Watering every other week seems to be enough for both the greenhouse & indoors. Super low tide this week & I took a long lunch & explored with Liam. We found out all about crab holes and he revisited the gently touching of the sea anenames. His biggest thrill was watching a huge bed of clams randomly squirt water out of their holes.Amazing stuff to a 2 year old.8 more days of school with the kids + 2 work days, then I'm off to Sunriver for the sectionals. It is again the same time as the triathlon so it will be fun to cheer them on as most of my matches are early in the morning.Don't slack too much on the picture taking. They are so much fun to see...unless there is nothing to see. (There must be some roadside vegetation at least). Hugs & kisses....Corliss

Anonymous said...

Hey Pete,

Just wanted to say hello and let you know I just caught up with your blog and this amazing adventure. Just when i thought you couldn't get any cooler, you ride across the country on a bike. Ride safe and have fun.


Bill Reeder said...

Wow, about half way across Kansas, looking at the weather radar, right now,, you hould be having a great light show..., but if you rode, there are 15 knott tail winds, decisions decisions.. pool, grog, sleep, must be the right choice.

Suprised they did not have a sardine and onion Burrito special just for you two... ( ha ha ha )

Against all odds the sun has come out, right as the weekend was at an end... so we did weed,,, two big cans full.

I will be flying north of you tomorrow and Tuesday, will be sure to look to the south and hope I do not see big thunderheads, also hope the mosquitos don't get bigger as you go south.