Friday, June 6, 2008

Day 41 Kansas

After the lightning and rain the morning was clear and crisp. We packed quickly and headed for breakfast. Though the choices were limited and uninteresting our omelets were well prepared. Hugh had an extra side of hashbrowns. We met another rider at the park and since he was headed our way he decided to ride with us. Devin is 5 days out of Denver and headed for New Jersey. The winds are quartering from behind so today should
go quickly. The sky is full of small clouds so the sun only occasionally gets to peek through. The Colorado roads we've been on are chip seal and for some reason every 25 to 50 ft there is a crack that goes across the road. So the ride is a constant bone rattling thump thump thump. Sometimes it is smoother to ride the white line at the right side of the road. Focusing on the white line in 7 mile horizon circle is a mind freeing or possibly a mind numbing experience. It just depends on how you perceive it.

The Kansas border brings on immediate improvement in the road surface. Also the small clouds are small no more. To the south a massive black clould is raining on the plain. Behind us another cloud is blackening. I've always been good at dog sprints but storm sprints motivate me even more. I outraced Hugh and Devin to the town of tribune. The picture above shows Hugh with the storm gaining. We all made it into our lunch stop moments before the rain and hail hit. That storm did trigger a tornado warning and even though we didn't see it we later heard it spunoff a tornado to the north of town. After lunch the weather had cleared so we headed out for Scott city. 10 Miles later another large storm line was crossing our path. We slowed down and let it cross the highway ahead of us. This was a huge black storm that covered the sky and yet it passed by very quickly. Things cleared and with the tailwind I averaged 24 mph for the remaining 25 miles. The winds of 20 to 30 and the thunder showers made us opt for a motel. The sky was clear when we reached our motel and yet within an hour black clouds covered the sky and the rain and hail dumped.
Rain and tornado warnings on the weather channel for tomorrows route.



Tonya said...

Hey Pete and Hugh...Today was our freebie breakfast day after swimming to honor a year of Dave being our coach for a year and his engagement to Brittany..she has a nice ring..Now watch out for the tornadoes..I'm sure you are...As always great to read your blog and nice pictures..Take care of your nipples..put some bandaids on 'em..Have fun in the land of Oz..Keep on bikin'..xoxo..Tonya..

Bill Reeder said...

It was a dark and stormy... earlier entry was right.. glad you guys are keeping clear of the Big nasties.. Sounds like you are getting major spped,, 24 on the long flats... Awsome...

You guys deserve the new found tailwind... how did Hugh like the view from behind?