Thursday, May 22, 2008

Day 27

It is snowing this morning in Ely. Since we have a 7700 foot pass today we've decided to leave at 9 in the hopes that it would warm up. It was still snowing when we left though after a half hour it had stopped. Once we started climbing the pass it snowed for the next hour though it was not sticking to the hiway.

On the other side of the pass we stopped at Majors corner to warm up with cups of coffee. This stop essentially in the middle nowhere didn't have gas but was a full saloon. Also, like a few others it too was covered Inside with dollar bills that people had signed and pinned to any open spot on walls or ceiling. The proprietress said lots of bikers have already stopped in this year. More interesting was the fact that over a dozen cross country walkers had also already been through this year.

From here we turned south to follow a Basin instead of just crossing it. Ah, tailwinds and level ground for almost 80 miles. Most of the ride was pleasant though about 20 miles from our stop for the night we got pummeled by a 15 minute hailstorm. We arrived in Pioche at 6 checked into a motel and rushed to the only café in town before it closed at 7.

Another good day.



Tonya said...

Hey love your song, Bill...Wow what a schizophrenic weather scene..Geez..hopefully good weather is ahead..Who knew there were so many cross country bikers and walkers?..Just like my friends who sailed to New Zealand, they ran into a good amount of sailors that were sailing around the world, solo and otherwise..You guys are inspirational..I can't wait for your next installation of this great book..See ya in Fla..Love, Tonya...

Anonymous said...

Hi Hugh and Pete! I like those identical tan lines on your heads! Here the weather is cold and rainy but no snow. Alpental is open for skiing this weekend! -Janet

Timothy said...

Yeehaaa! Utaaaaah! Giddeee yap!

How do you get all that pretty white stuff to come down right when you're taking your pictures. It is pretty-- but you shouldn't have. ;)

You missed a large butterfly workout Thursday which I am still recovering from this afternoon.

Lots of warm up and then

4 x

25 fly/75 free
50 fly/50 free
50 easy somewhere in here -- I forget
75 fly/25 free
100 fly

It was awful--

Tomorrow is first day at Colman Pool, and since Hugh is not showing up to take the pool covers off -- and they knew I would be late-- Jeannie has gotten the pool operator to actually do his job and he's taking off the covers and putting in lane lines. GLAD!

I need another stuttering saleman type joke Pete. My wife has heard it so much she's asking for one of Dave's chicken jokes.

Best fishes,


Timothy said...

I forgot to mention that I tried but could not keep up on this butterfly set.

Too much.