Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Day 25

Today as well as the next few days are dictated by water. We will ride from one town to the next. They are roughly 70 mile apart so a little too far to do two towns in a day.

The ride out of Austin was up and over a mountain range down into a wide basin and up another mountain. I had pictured Nevada as being less mountainous, but it is called basin range country for a reason. The state has dozens of mountain ranges separated by 10 to 15 miles of flat basin.

The air is clear and often from the top of one summit the road can be seen ending in a point somewhere before the sea of gray mountains in the distance. And you know you'll going over that range in the next few hours.

Tonight we're in an RV park in the town of Eureka and we're trying something new for dinner. Avocado, onion, and sardines on sour dough bread. All is good.


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Anonymous said...

Good call on the avacado. I bought 30 last week cause Freddys had them 2for a $1. Froze them....I bet you don't remember what frozen things are like. :)