Sunday, May 18, 2008

Day 21

We were rolling before 7 and it was already too warm. Just before San Andreas we cooled off in a small creek. Traffic had been bad all day and after an hours cooling off it was even worse. It turned out that this was the weekend of the Calaveras county fair and jumping frog contest. There was no shoulder and a steady stream of cars doing at least 50. It just was not safe. When we reached town we decided to call it an early day. We took a short side street and made camp at the side of the road. A quick bath in 6 inches of creek water, a couple of beers and our regular salami sandwich and we were out for the night by 6. We did manage a few hours of sleep and at 1:30 we woke to ride in the cool quiet of the night.


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Anonymous said...

I can totally piture you rolling in a trickle that you call a creek. Dad you are a water baby at heart, a puddle would do in a pinch.