Thursday, May 8, 2008

Day 13 Resting

Today and tomorrow are both rest days. We had only planned one day off but we arrived a day early. It has been a very quiet day - read, washed the bikes and did minor maintenance. A review of the next few days routes looks very challenging. Saturday takes us about 80 miles to Winters which is just west of Davis. Sunday the plan is to start early and work our way through Sacramento and south to Merced for about 160 miles. Then the tough day will be about 78 hilly miles to Yosemite. Then a couple of days of hiking or maybe just resting. I'll see what peer pressure does. The reason for the Yosemite stop is 30 years or so ago when Hugh and his buddies were rock climbing half dome they decided to meet there again when they turned 60.

Keep Rolling

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