Sunday, April 27, 2008

Day 2

Woke up with the sun at Lewis and Clark park. It must have been lower than the new sleeping bags rating of 40 degrees since I was cold most of the night. Stopped in Longview and bought a cheap fleece sleeping bag to use as second layer. Hugh's road rash didn't slow him down at all. We're spending the night at the home of a member of warm a world wide group that provides bikers showers and back yard or a room for the night. Hugh just finished installing new handlebars with the help of his son Todd, so we're heading out for Eugene in the morning.

day2/99miles/13.87rolling avg/219total


Gmada said...

Hugh, Janet told me about your spill. I hope it doesn't slow you down and that you heal quickly. Good luck.

-Adam (hydro-aerobics)

Anonymous said...

Hugh, Glad you got the gymnastics out of the way on the first day. Glad to hear your OK - good picture of you and Todd.

We are following the progress and rooting for you both.

Pretty impressive progress so far.

Tom & Charlotte

tharrylock said...

We missed you guys at coffee this AM - hope all is going well.